Energy Services

Our Energy Services work is comprised of engineering/architecture, modeling, and commissioning to help our clients find the most efficient and sustainable ways to operate buildings and manufacturing processes. From the energy model, to design through commissioning, this means utilizing more efficient heating and cooling properties of buildings, advanced lighting, better insulation, and more.

Energy Modeling

Today’s building systems can be complex, and delivering energy performance is more challenging. Sustainability initiatives, such as LEED, require the use of energy modeling to document a building’s energy efficiency as a step toward certification. Technically, an energy model is a mathematical representation of a building developed through highly-specialized computer software. The data entered includes building location and orientation, weather, size, materials, systems, and information about use, time of operations and equipment.

At Pathfinder, this integrated process and powerful tool provides our clients with a thorough analysis of their building’s predicted energy use. Energy modeling allows the design team to prioritize systems and strategies which will have the greatest effect on the building’s energy use, optimizing the design and providing the owner with an early look at operating costs.

Energy Studies/Audits

Another method at Pathfinder to prove and improve energy usage is the Comprehensive Energy Audit. We provide an energy inspection, survey and analysis that identifies potential energy conservation measures (ECMs) to reduce energy use.

Our process quantifies how much savings potential there is for each ECM and the associated costs for implementation, allowing owners to assess the return on investment for implementation of any of the ECMs. From low-cost operational changes to capital improvements, Pathfinder’s energy team can show you how to take advantage of strategies to reduce the cost of energy efficiently and economically.

Our capabilities and experience include:

  • LEED Energy Modeling
  • ASHRAE Level 1-3 Audits
  • ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) Rating Assessment
  • Investment Grade Energy Audits
  • Calibrated Energy Models
  • NYSERDA Technical Assistance Services
  • NYSERDA FlexTech
  • Federal EPAct / 179D Tax Deduction Modeling
  • Verification Measurement (M&V) Services
  • Executive Order 88 Energy Audits, Submetering and Retrofits